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The 10×5 Plan (II)

Good morning, everyone!


This is a real life gif of me trying to calm down my stress and anxiety these last two weeks. Disregard the fact that it looks remarkably like Coach. To summarize, there is an overwhelming amount of crap going on in my life, but luckily, I had written this post in advance (Woo! Ahead of myself.) Today, we’re covering education and finance ideas for improvement. I know you can barely contain your excitement, so here we go.


  1. Get certified in a skill that interests you or is useful.
    • CPR. First Aid. Lifeguard. Personal shopper. Bartender (I mean, how hot would you look mixing fancy drinks for you and your significant other). There are so many options of things you can learn and do for a relatively inexpensive amount. And when you’re going through your quarter life crisis and want a new job, companies love multi-talented people, right? tumblr_m65lfy1VTy1ry7nyno3_250
  2. Read a published paper on biology, psychology, music, etc.
    • Anything that interests you is fair game here. There are a few websites that will let you read published studies fo’ free! Lots of libraries will have resources like these too. Just ask, and maybe learn a little something to flaunt at your next party. 😉
  3. Attend a lecture/TED talk
  4. Read at least 1 book a month.Sad books
    • Yes, books can look sad. WHEN THEY AREN’T BEING READ. Guys, reading builds your vocabulary, flexes your imagination, and it’s only 12 books a year! Piece of cake. If you’re at a loss for something to read, I would be beyond thrilled to make some recommendations. My poor friends are certainly tired of hearing them.
  5. Learn 10 phrases in another language
    • Again- libraries are the bomb. They have books on learning languages, but also, things like Mango. Mango is my new best friend right now. I try to learn a couple of phrases every time I cook (and if it’s like mine, your library might offer this service for free!)



Tricky working

  1. Create a budget
    • If you are anything like me, this will not be fun. Check back later for my budgeting tips. (Unless you’re a financial guru. Then you might cry.)
  2. Save money in a savings account gummy
    • The “need-it-now” mentality is something I am familiar with. However, saving money is more important than those gummy bears. Or shoes.
  3. Know your credit card information
    • Credit cards are not free money. MAKE THIS YOUR MANTRA. Don’t stick yourself with a high APR, or annual fees, etc. Ask for a copy of your current credit card agreements, and either negotiate for better, or CANCEL IT.
  4. Don’t pay more than you need to
    • Be a thrifting junkie.
    • Price match
    • Know when things go on sale.
    • Don’t DIY if that’s more expensive and less attractive. (Guilty.)
  5. Cancel services you don’t use
    • Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, a credit checking company, fees for automatic bill payment. If you use them, and you can’t get along without them, pay. If you are watching one video on Hulu a month, it’s not worth it! (Guilty again.)  Put that extra money in your savings. 🙂


**General advice for this week: Get a library card and eat chocolate. **

Hopefully, I’ve given you something to chew on, and you’re more motivated than I am. Let me know what you’ve accomplished below!





6 thoughts on “The 10×5 Plan (II)

  1. Awesome Part Two! Glad you had it pre-written so you can get it out on time! You are very funny & down to Earth. I have recently been reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. It has a great great outlook on financial fitness! Highly recommend it – hey, kill two birds with one stone, reading, and making a budget! Keep up the good work!

    1. I hear you! I just missed my cutoff to cancel Hulu this month, and I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t just do it when I was writing this post and thinking about it. Procrastination is no one’s friend. Haha. What kind of books do you like?! Telling people what to read is seriously one of my favorite things to do. 🙂

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