The 10×5 (III)


She’s not wrong.

Good morning, lovely humans.

I know I’m late on my post this week, but apparently, even my commitment issues aren’t exclusive to dating.

Smiles (1)

Couldn’t resist that pun.


Today’s pairing is brought to you by my friend. It is an arduous task to try to understand people who aren’t wired the same way that you are. For me, traveling is about the experience. Seeing, tasting, touching, climbing things you wouldn’t normally see, taste, touch, or climb. New places are full of infinite possibilities, and that is seductive. You know the thrill and the passion of a new relationship? That feeling of having so much to learn about and experience with the other person? To me- that’s what traveling is like. To her, traveling is a burden. She doesn’t like to do it, and she’s perfectly content where she is. That is okay.  But-if you open your mind and dig a little deeper, there are places and activities you can explore in your hometown as well. Our experiences define and inform who we are. Have ones that matter. 🙂


  1. Leave the continent
    • This is huge for me. I love traveling, but I’ve never explored beyond North America. I have a list (basically, of every semi-populated country known to man) that I want to visit, but with school and work, I never feel like I can just take off the way I would like. This year is *fingers crossed* going to be different. I’ve been working on my conversational language skills in French and Spanish, so basically, it has to happen.
  2. Road trip with an actual map instead of a GPS
    •  This is where I disappear, and no one ever hears from me again. JUST KIDDING. Hopefully. Seriously, though, I don’t know if everyone has power struggles with their GPS, or if it is just me, but just to put this in perspective, a couple weeks ago, I was going to an activity for church, and my GPS was re-routing like no one’s business (no traffic problems, no missed turns). I had been following this car for about 10 minutes on these back roads, so I assumed they were going the same place that I was, so I turned off my GPS and kept following them . Spoiler alert: they weren’t. They did, however, pass by my destination, so at least I was embarrassed, but did not blindly follow a stranger home.
  3. Research a place in a photo you love, and go there.
    • With the sheer volume of photos of landscapes out there, this one should be a breeze. 🙂
  4. See a national/international monument.
    • Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon? The Great Wall of China? Do it! This is your time.
  5. Stand under a waterfall.
    • As a sunshine and water junkie, I can definitively say that this is the best feeling ever, and I think everyone should do it. Up to you, though.


  1. The food of another culture.Eat Anything
    • You might hate it. But you also might love it. That’s a risk I’m willing to take.
  2. Another religion’s sacred space (temple, chapel, etc.)
    • *Climbs up on soapbox* It used to be that in polite society, no one talked about religion at the dinner table (or anywhere else). Now, it’s practically impossible to escape people with strong (Hulk-strong) opinions about religions that they know nothing about. Open your mind and your heart a little, learn a little, and who knows? Your respect for someone else may grow a little. *Climbs down from soapbox.*
  3. The public transportation in your city.
    • Things I used to hear all the time when I took the train to work: “I can’t believe you do that.” “That’s fine for big, strong guys, but you’re a girl!” “You ride the train? Sketchy.” By lovable idiots who had never ridden so much as a school bus that wasn’t part of a field trip. NEWS FLASH: IT’S NICE NOT TO HAVE TO DRIVE, GUYS. Especially in the city! It’s not going to kill you, the seats aren’t going to give you an STI, and you can read while you ride. Win-win-win.
    • If it is that bad where you live, try to find ways to bring it to the attention of your community. Public transportation might be an amusing divergence from your normal pattern, but there are people who depend on it to get around, and they may need you in their corner to make a change happen.
  4. A ballet, opera, symphony, play.
    • All that culture in one place. Not a wild “YOLO” in sight.
  5. Free events!
    • I’ve already admitted that I love not shelling out money, but who doesn’t? Do you know how many events in your city are free for you to go to? Do a little research and go to a free book signing, or festival, or concert, or even courthouse tour.  I can’t think of one reason why you wouldn’t. Even if it’s terrible, you can turn it into an anecdote, and isn’t that what life is all about?




WHEW. You made it through all that text. What a trooper. I’m proud of you.

‘Til next time! ❤




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