The 10×5 Plan (IV & V)


This is my not so subtle way of letting you all know that I caved.

I was dividing my  posts and goals up to give myself time to procrastinate and not start any of them. After a stern talking-to (by me, to me), I decided that I was going to post my last 20 goals together. Heaven help us all.

I’m honestly making an effort to clean up my life. Mostly, by way of self-improvement books. Physically (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), and mentally (Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life).



My dating life is pretty much as unsubstantial as the dandelion I’m blowing on in this picture.

  1. Don’t pursue relationships with toxic people.
    • This is a source of turmoil for me. I want to help people. Unfortunately- this has thrown me into what feels like an endless spiral of trying to make other people happy, but my brain has trouble sorting out who deserves my help, and who is making me miserable. I’ve been making an effort to concentrate on how I feel after I leave someone. If they make me feel angry or ignored or drained, I’ve been painstakingly cutting them out of my life. And it makes all the difference. Time for a Facebook friend purge!
  2. Don’t compromise your values (whatever they may be)
    • That guy with the fabulous cheekbones? Not worth sitting through a dinner of stilted conversation because he can’t muster up anything remotely intelligent or amusing to say.
    • Date people who value the same things as you. Whatever they are. Family, wit, joy. Otherwise- either they are constantly trying to change you, or you are constantly trying to change them. Just thinking about that kind of relationship makes me feel exhausted.
  3. Do give people a chance.
    • People are a source of constant surprise. Open yourself up to that possibility.
  4. Don’t panic when you’re alone
    • I attend what my church calls a Young Single Adult ward fairly regularly. Sometimes, it feels like a pack of potential pairs panicking about the fact that they aren’t hitched or dating. It’s okay to not have a potential partner in mind at all times. It’s okay to enjoy being single. A wise leader said, “Sometimes the only reason that you aren’t married is because you haven’t gotten married yet.” Major tautology there, I know, but the basic message stop stressing it is #perfect.
  5. Remember that looks aren’t everything.
    • I’m not that cute, but I’m pretty damn perky, so I give myself points for that.anigif_optimized-10881-1449850010-1


Friends and Family

  1. Host a dinner party even if your friends are these guys:Look normal.gif
    • I always thought I needed suave, sophisticated, grown-up friends to have dinner parties (or at least a dining room table). Turns out you don’t!
  2. Do 12 acts of service to show love
  3. Simply listen
  4. Make a conscious effort
    • With people we love, it’s easy to let them slip off the radar because you know that they’ll be there for you no matter what. Don’t do that anymore! Try to constantly improve and expand your friendships and familial relationships.
  5. “Say Yes Day!”
    • Stealing this idea from Grace & Frankie. The idea of having a day where you have to say yes sounds a-mah-zing! As long as you have somewhere there with you to protect you. 🙂 Cute for couples, fun for friends. And how can you pass up the chance to get a Barbara Bush/Madonna combo?
    • 1200

Mental Health

  1. Take 15 minutes a day to meditate
  2. Build a base of supportive people to keep you in check
  3. Let yourself cry or laugh when you feel like you need to (even if the timing is inappropriate.)
  4. Make a playlist of songs for different moods.
  5. Do something for yourselfP1000525
    • A spontaneous hike or picnic. An impromptu fashion shoot. A nice bottle of wine. The cupcakes at Target that are life. ❤


  1. Lose (or gain) those 5lbs
    • If you have weight goals, no time like the present to attack those suckers.
  2. Give up extremes
    • If you’re prone to being a crash dieter, please stop. It’s not good for your body, and it’s not permanent.
  3. Eat less (red) meat
    • So many studies about why this is bad for you. I’m not knocking bacon, but maybe a sandwich with bacon Jenga and a single leaf of lettuce is not the best for you? Just a thought. 🙂
  4. Eat less sugar
    • I might just be looking for a little comradery in this one since I gave up dessert for Lent. It’s slowly sucking away my soul.
  5. Know what is in your food! hershey-genuine-chocolate-flavor-syrupMaybe I’m late to the party on this one, but this weekend while I was hanging out with some friends, I started reading the ingredients on chocolate syrup. Most prevalent ingredient? High fructose corn syrup. I used to put that in milk. What is wrong with me?!


If you’ve been following along, thank you! Knowing that people were actually holding me accountable for my list was probably the only reason I finished. As a thank you, here’s a wink from Mark Ruffalo, human perfection.



Y’all are the best. ❤


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