The Holidays and The Blonde Slut Blanket

It’s December already! We’re only three days in, and everything is already topsy-turvy around here. My anti-exclusivity clause to dating has been severed by someone nearly as against it as I am. I’ve been gearing up for finals and work and church parties and charity drives. The holidays turn into blurs of parties, desserts, shopping, gloves,… Continue reading The Holidays and The Blonde Slut Blanket

Staying Active

Choosing to Reignite My Passion for Dance

Some of the most beautiful things that I have seen in my life have been dancing performances. When I was young, a group used to come to our elementary school every year to perform numbers from “The Nutcracker,” or, as I like to call it, “That One Ballet that Everyone in the World has Probably Seen Part… Continue reading Choosing to Reignite My Passion for Dance


Bigger and Better and Breathing

Sometimes you just can’t shake overwhelming anxiety. Sometimes you are sitting on your bed in a men’s t-shirt that you could fit two of yourself in and Hello Kitty boots (yeah, that’s a thing) trying to calm down after an inexplicable bout of crying and barely being able to catch your breath. And how do you… Continue reading Bigger and Better and Breathing